High Stakes Poker Moves… Online?

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The purpose of this article is to exemplify the move of high stakes poker players from brick and mortar casinos such as those in Las Vegas, to the online poker realm. It may seem like the internet has been a haven for high stakes poker players looking for a regular game, but one must realize that the availability of these games online did not begin to enlarge until just recently.

In today’s growing society and booming economy, It is not uncommon to see high stakes poker players on TV playing for prizes as large as 7.5 million dollars such as the 2005 WSOP, but this isn’t the only place that you can find them.

It used to be that you could only find high stakes players in the southern states and casino states such as Las Vegas, Nevada and Atlantic City, New Jersey. Now, high stakes poker players roam around everywhere, from brick and mortar casinos / card clubs to online poker rooms that allow real money wagering.

More popular poker sites have taken on the challenge of aquiring and catering to high stakes poker players. From our research it seems that Carbon Poker is the most common place that high stakes poker players hide out.

It seems that high stakes players are choosing the internet over the usual local brick and mortar card rooms because of one thing: convenience. Yes folks, convenience; the key to selling all products for a higher price. Who wants to have to leave their home and start the car in blistering cold weather? Who wants to drive two hours to play with the same people that are there week after week after week? Not high stakes players, that’s for sure. A high stakes player would rather book a flight to Las Vegas or Atlantic City and play with the pros than to waste time every week with the same people. But once again, this is not convenient for them. Internet high stakes poker rooms provide high stakes players with a regular game and no waiting, something most brick and mortar poker rooms find impossible to do.


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