Cheat at Poker

Professional poker cheats have found many ways to cheat at poker. The most common method of cheating is called collusion. This is when two or more people team up with each other and tell each other their cards to dominate a poker table. Here are some other important, yet lesser known, methods of cheating at poker.

Sleight of Hand

“The Hand is Faster Than the Eye” is a common phrase used by magicians who play their tricks on children as they are bewildered at where the cards have gone. This concept was kept to magicians for years, but poker players have picked up on it and are using it to cheat at poker and win money from their opponents.

Sleight of hand is by far the most dangerous form of a poker cheat that can be found, however it is also the most difficult technique to learn and perfect. This skill can turn a regular poker player into a dangerous money-stealing criminal who can unfairly take your money right in front of your face without you even knowing. No form of cheating is more dangerous to your poker bankroll than sleight of hand tricks.

Somebody who is looking to perfect sleight of hand techniques usually learn to grip their cards in a special fashion. This unique grip of the deck is known as the Mechanics Grip and it can be used to conceal the deck of cards in the perpitrator’s hand while they are dealing the cards. This is also the base of other poker cheats such as the card peek, second deal, bottom deal, dealing extra cards, false shuffling, palming poker cards, shifting the cut, etc.

Other Methods of Cheating at Poker

Not only do you have to worry about sleight of hand cheating techniques, but other methods as well. Most of theses methods can be performed in live games and in online poker cheating. The most common other form of cheating at poker is collusion, where two or more players develop a system where they can tell others at the table what cards they hold to gain an advantage at the poker table. Other forms of cheating include marking cards, preparing the deck, hand misrepresentation, and angling. If you do notice anglers at your table, you should ask the dealer or floor man to have the anglers split up. If the floor man refuses to help you, then you may also want to consider leaving the poker game.

Protection From Poker Cheaters

Don’t fear, poker cheat protection is here! There are numerous ways to protect yourself from getting cheated in a poker game, both live and online. Some common ways include, cutting the deck before the deal, not playing with or closely watching strangers and verifying players them at the table, changing decks regularly, and simply knowing the signs of cheating (such as watching for the Mechanics Grip). When you’re watching players closely, make sure to also watch the chips when the dealer pushes them, they might be palming or stealing chips from the pot.

You also might want to consider hiring a professional dealer, to prevent any possible cheats from holding the deck or marking poker cards. A professional dealer knows the appropriate feel of the cards in a deck, and will frequently run his or her fingers over the cards to check for any marked cards.

I wouldn’t suggest dealing from a shoe, because it really slows the poker game down, but it may be helpful if you’re playing a high stakes game with your friends.

If you are an online poker player, then customer service is always your best friend. To avoid being cheated at online poker you shouldn’t be afraid to report any suspicious activity to the pit bosses on duty at the cardroom by sending an email to them or quickly informing a 24/7 representative of any unfair actions at the table. Cheating in online poker can be minimized by playing at a reputable online poker site.

Lastly, you can practice and focus as much as you want on preventing yourself from being cheated, but remember one very important thing. You should never drink alcohol and gamble. I know from experience, and frequently scout the poker tables in Las Vegas for the “juiciest” ones, which typically include a lot of alcohol on the rail. Floor men have no care for whether you’re drinking or not, so it’s usually best for you to just leave the game.