Know the Signs

Awareness is key when it comes to poker and awareness of being cheated is not an exception to this general rule. Even though knowing the popular cheating techniques may not be enough to detect a savvy cheat, it will substantially help. You may also think that you know the techniques so well that you werent’ cheated when, in fact, you actually were.

There are several things that you should ponder in a poker game when considering the possibility of having been cheated. These signs are external and cannot be easily controlled by the cheaters themselves.

Some of the best things to think about to determine whether or not you are being cheated include the following:

  • Suspicious activitry between two or more players at the table may be a sign of collusion.
  • Losing with typically powerful hands more than usual may be a sign of bottom dealing, second dealing, or many other maneuvers.
  • Clumsy dealing or a stiff hand may be a sign of a player trying to cheat using techniques such as false shuffling or palming.
  • Loud or awkward sounds coming from the cards during the shuffle or deal may be a sign of bottom dealing or second dealing. This is also known as a swish click.
  • Cards are appearing underneath the table.
  • Short card counts. If not all of the cards are in the deck, there may be a cheat taking extra cards.

Take these signs into consideration to prevent yourself from being cheated during a poker game and you will be less likely to be cheated and more likely to be aware of exactly what’s going on around you.