Collusion is one of the easiest ways that cheaters cheat at poker. It’s also one of the first ways to cheat that they learn. Collusion is when two or more players have an agreement with each other to give each other some type of information that will give them an unfair advantage against other players at the table. It’s almost impossible to catch on to player who are engaging in collusion, and it’s even harder to actually prove it.

Collusion is easily learned and, when practiced, can be the most dangerous form of cheating. Players involved are secretly working together to make the most money as a whole. Those who intend to collude can simply come up with a simple system, that their counterparts learn as well, and use the information to make decisions at the poker table. The reason people use collusion as a way to cheat at poker is so they can build more money in their partnership and secretly (and evenly) split up the winnings at the end.

There are several ways that colluders can cheat at poker.

  • One player can distract the other players in order to give his partner time to manipulate the deck of cards.
  • Colluders can send each other signals to engage in a specific betting scheme.
  • Colluders can send each other signals to tell their partners the holdings of their hand.
  • Colluders may flash their hands to their partners for them to see the cards which they are holding.
  • People of another language may speak to each other in an uncommon language which is unfamiliar to the rest of the table. Usually this is seen in private games as speaking in anything but English is typically prohibited in casinos.
  • A very dangerous colluding tactic that you should always watch out for is colluders who sandwich other players at the table. Sandwiching is a technique used by cheaters who have a player “sandwiched” between them. They arrange their betting in such a way that the sandwiched player must either call all of their bets or fold. This technique works especially well in pot limit poker games when the colluders have strong hands or they sense weakness from the sandwiched player.

You may also experience an example of collusion by watching the movie Rounders. In this movie, Ed Norton is a professional card manipulator and he deals his Matt Damon in whichever hands he wants.

If you feel that you are surrounded by colluders at a poker table then you should contact the floor manager. If you are playing poker online then you should use their customer service support and make them aware of the negligent behavior.