Gambling Addiction

In todays society it is easy to become addicted to just about anything. We are addicted to our computers, or jobs, even our Starbuck’s coffee fix to start our days. With the poker boom over the last few years and the constant World Series of Poker being played over and over again to the world via ESPN, our society is increasingly becoming addicted to playing poker.

More and more players are pulling out decks of cards, and chips and dealing out hundreds and even thousands of hands with friends and strangers in home poker games. And now, an increasing number of players are finding it more convenient to log on the internet with their computers, find a online poker site, such as Pacific Poker, and start up a real money account.

Playing poker swarms us in a very addictive way from the first time we win a pot. From that moment the game seems very easy, and for the new poker player, winning the first pot makes them seem to think they can do it every hand.

The truth of the matter is that this is not the case. It is impossible for online poker players as well as live poker players to win every single time. This is often the cause for people having a poker addiction. For many people, poker provides a thrill that other activities or hobbies simply cannot provide. People tend to have a lot of fun playing poker, and often times have too much fun which can eventually build up a rather large ego. This ego may be undesirable for someone who might be addicted to poker. The reasons for this are truly endless.

Addicted Poker Players Tend to Defend Themselves

An addicted poker player with a large ego typically defends themselves when confronted. The only way to truly defend the ego is through countless hours of playing in attempts to prove his skills to the world. Another reason is if the player takes a substantial loss, chances are he or she will not stop playing until they earn their lost money back. They believe that they must prove to themselves, as well as to others, that they can become a savvy poker player.

Gambling Addiction Now Outranks Both Drug and Alcohol Addiction Combined

Some may make the argument that playing poker is good for people, especially in their college years. The logic behind their argument is that it keeps them from doing drugs, and other stupid things such as drinking and driving. However, recent studies have conculded that gambling has become a more common and dangerous addicting behavior than both drugs and alcohol combined. While playing poker can keep people away from drugs and alcohol sometimes, a lot of college aged poker players are combining these destructive hobbies with playing poker, a dreadful combination. If you or anybody you know are one of these people, it is very important that you find help from one of the places listed below.

Where to Get Help for Addiction

Admitting the Problem

A lot of people who might have an addiction to playing poker, probably do not want to realize they have an addiction in the first place. Often times they are in denial, and claim that they do not play poker that much when they realy spend multiple hours a day playing.

Online poker makes it easier than ever to find a game. It is important for every poker player to sit down for a few moments and jot down a few reasons why they play poker. Often times the results of an exercise like this will be eye-opening. If you play poker for fun, because you like to gamble, or because your bored, you might have an unhealthy addiction and I recommend that you find help.

Healthy Poker Addiction

There are ways to maintain a healthy level of addictions to poker. It all depends on your mindset and ability to control your experiences. A good analogy to this is people who have an addiction to playing sports. People who are addicted to playing sports have a healthy addiction in the sense that they are constantly striving for new ways to become better at their sport. They take advice from coaches, practice, and watch others all in the hopes of improving their abilities. Playing poker can be the same way. There are thousands of poker books available to improve overall poker skills. Players can also practice at micro limits or play money tables to help harness their abilities. Someone who has a healthy addiction to playing poker is constantly striving to learn more about the game and does not have to wager amounts of money larger than they can afford to lose.

All poker players need to set boundaries and limits for themselves before playing. That means knowing when to stop when behind, as well as knowing when to quit while ahead. Poker can be an entertaining game to enjoy as long as you can stop and realize how addicted you may be to poker.