Hand Misrepresentation

New players sometimes call out a hand at showdown that they don’t really have. This usually happens when a player has four cards to a straight or all black / red cards. A person who purposefully does this is misprepresenting their hand. They are doing this by revealing the hand at the showdown and calling it as if it was a better hand than it actually is.

A regular example is when a cheat flips over an all black straight and yelling out “Straight Flush!” A trustworthy group of people will muck their cards even if they have a low flush, thinking that their hand is beat. Sometimes the group won’t notice the fib at all, but if they do and the player with the low flush has already mucked his cards, the cheat may still win with his straight because the winning hand was mucked and cannot be reclaimed.

Misrepresentation of the hand can be classified as part angling. This is because misrepresenting your hand is not usually explicitly against the rules in most casinos, although it is frowned upon if overused. Many anglers claim that they are new players and are trying to get a hold of the games hand rankings and rules.