Dealing from a Shoe

A shoe is an object made of plastic that is used to hold one or more decks of cards without requiring the dealer to hold the deck. Cards are well concealed and are retreived by sliding them out of a small crack in the front of the shoe. Shoes are commonly used in most casino games such as blackjack and super nine.

The use of a shoe is considered to be a great way to fight against most sleight of hand dealing maneuvers. The setback of requiring the use of a shoe is that it would only be a practical method of dealing in games other than poker. Shoes are also said to suggest a lack of trust in a game that would usually be considered friendly. For this reason, shoes are not commonly used in any type of home game.

For a shoe to be used in a poker game, or any other game that has a revolving dealer, it would have to be passed around the table, something nobody in their right mind would consider doing.