Dealing Extra Cards

Cheating by dealing extra cards is just like it sounds; the dealer deals themself more cards than they should have in order to pick and choose the best cards and secretly discard the ones they don’t want.

Should I be Worried About People Dealing Themselves Extra Cards?

Hardly ever should a player worry about a person using this cheat because the only people who try it are novices trying to rip off their friends in a free or low limit home game. Opposite of what many may think, this maneuver has limited usage and does not provide much benefit to the cheater.

How is This Poker Cheat Performed Properly?

When dealing, the cheat carefully deals themself an extra card or two when nobody else is focusing on the deal. The dealer deas the cards to other players in a normal fashion, but deals themself an extra card or two by pushing them with the thumb of the hand that the deck is in and taking the cards with the thumb and index finger of the other hand.

You will usually see the cheat performing this technique towards the end of the deal. The dealer lets the extra card fall into the pile that is already in front of them and usually nobody notices. The only advantage the cheat gains is the chance to benefit from having an extra card, which may not even help at all.

When Does the Poker Cheat Liberate Their Extra Card?

Okay, so lets say that the cheat now has three cards in a two card texas holdem game. So now you are wondering when they get rid of that third card, which will naturally be the least helpful card they hold. To ditch the card, they must conceal the card by keeping it hidden until they collect the cards, get the next deal, or toss it under the table until the game is over. The reintroduction of the unwanted card is the most difficult part of this poker cheat.

How do I Catch a Cheater who is Dealing Extra Cards?

If you fear that somebody at the table has been dealing extra cards, I suggest that you occassionaly take a look under the table to see if any cards have been dropped. Theses cards will tend to be low, invaluable cards and will be located near the cheating player, usually a couple feet away.