Leave the Game

The final and most extreme way to put an end to cheating is to simply collect your chips, put them in your rack, and walk away from the game. You may never know for certain whether or not you were being cheated, but this is where you should trust your instinct.

A seasoned cheat will never tell anybody or admit that he was in fact cheating. To do so would place a certain amount of doubt in player’s minds that they were cheated too. A smart cheat would never place this lasting impression in their opponents’ heads because they could never play poker the same way against them again. By neglecting that they cheated they are also protecting themselves from consequences that may have otherwise been incurred by admitting guilt.

So if you think that you may be at a table with a possible cheat and you aren’t able to point out the fact they they are cheating, just leave the game. Doing so cannot hurt you any more than you may have already been hurt.