Party Gaming Affiliate Program

Monthly Gross Revenue (Recommended)
Monthly Gross Revenue You Earn
Up to $10,000 20%
Over $10,000 25%
Per Signup Plan
Monthly # of Real Money Players You Earn
1-10 $65
11 or More $75
Subaffilliate Revenue
Monthly Revenue You Earn
Any Amount 20%

We suggest the Monthly Revenue Plan for nearly all of your players because this way you can make a very large profit over time. However, if you know that your Players are not big Poker Players, go ahead and sign them up for the Per Sign Up Plan.

There are a lot of promotional materials that you may freely use in your promotions. In addition, they can custom develop, at cost, any special requests that you may have for custom CDs, T-shirts, key-chains, etc. with your unique Trackers embedded in them.

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