Fixed Limit Poker Rules

Fixed limit poker rules apply the same to every online poker room and brick and mortar room around the world. If you are learning how to play poker then you need to know the basic fixed limit rule. Fixed limit poker games have a fixed betting structure.

Fixed Limit Poker Blinds and Antes

Fixed limit games have fixed blinds or fixed antes. By this I mean the amounts of the forced bets are fixed. Blinds are forced bets that only the two people to the left of the dealer are forced to place before receiving cards while antes are bets that everybody at the table is forced to make before receiving cards.

Blinds are forced bets that equal 1/2x and 1x the smallest bet in the game. For example in a $2/$4 Texas Holdem poker game the small blind is $1 and the big blind is $2. The $2/$4 represents the actual bets, which you will learn more about later in this article.

There are also games which require players to post an ante. Antes are bets that every player must post before receiving cards. The amount of the ante is determined by the person or casino putting on the game, but is usually equal to 1/2 of the smallest bet at the table. For a typical $2/$4 fixed limit seven card stud game the ante is usually $1.

Fixed Limit Poker Betting

Fixed limit betting is structured. For example, in a regular fixed limit $2/$4 Texas Holdem poker game the bet before the flop is $2. If a player wants to make a raise it must be no more and no less than $2. Let’s say I am the first player to act before the flop and the big blind has already posted his $2 blind. I am only allowed to fold, call for $2, or raise to a total of $4. If I raise and the player behind me wants to reraise, he must raise to a total of $6 and if the player behind him wants to reraise him he can only add another $2, making the total bet $8. In most fixed limit poker games there is a limit to the number of raises that can be made, typically either four or five bets.