Hi Lo Split Poker Rules

Hi Lo Split Poker Blinds and Antes

The blinds and antes in a Hi Lo Split poker game are the same as they would be in a regular poker game.

Hi Lo Split Poker Betting

Betting in a Hi Low Split poker game is the same as a normal poker game.

Hi Lo Split Poker Showdown

The showdown of a Hi Lo poker game is quite different than a normal poker game played for hi. The pot is “split” between the player who has the strongest hand and the player that has the lowest qualifying hand.

Qualifying Lo Hand

To qualify in a Hi Lo Split poker game, the low hand must have a hand with a value of “8 or better,” meaning his lowest five card poker hand cannot be higher than an 8 high. In order to win the low, you want to have the lowest possible hand of your opponents.

Best Hi Low Poker Hand

The best hand to have in Hi Lo Split poker is A2345, otherwise known as the “wheel.” This hand is very strong in terms of it’s relative strength for the high, and it is the best possible low hand there can be. The wheel is typically strong enough to scoop an entire pot.

Scooping a Hi Lo Split Pot

To “scoop” a pot in High Low Split poker games is to win both the high and the low of the hand. This means that you are able to make the strongest five card hand as well as the lowest five card hand vs your opponents using the cards in which you were dealt.