Kill Game Rules

A kill poker game is usually introduced in community poker games, such as Texas Holdem. The premise behind a “kill” poker game is to prevent a player who is on a hot run from an increased winning variance. Experienced players enjoy playing kill games because it speeds up the time in which a player making poor decisions will lose his money.

Kill Pot

A “kill pot” is a pot in which a 3rd blind is forced upon a player who has won the last two consecutive pots, and increases the betting limits of the hand.

Kill Pot Triggers

Typically, a kill pot is triggered by the notion that one particular player has won more than a single pot consecutively. The player is then forced to put out a 3rd blind, no matter what position the player is in. Sometimes the kill pot is also activated when the last hand exceeded a certain value, such as ten times the amount of the big blind. When this happens, the player who won that pot is given the Kill.

Kill Poker Game Blinds and Antes

A kill game plays like a normal community poker game until the kill is triggered. When the kill is triggered, the person with the kill is forced to place a third blind from whatever position they are in. Players are then forced to call a minimum of the 3rd blind amount to see their hand, thus creating a larger pot than normal. Typically, players play either a 1/2 kill or a full kill game. A 1/2 kill game forces the player with the kill to place a 3rd blind in the amount of 1.5x the big blind. In a full kill game, this amount is 2x the big blind.

Kill Poker Game Betting

Betting in a kill game is normal until the kill is put on. When the kill is on, the betting then begins at the amount of the kill.

Kill Poker Game Action

Play typically begins as normal in a kill pot, although players must call the amount equal to the kill blind if they wish to call. In some casinos, however, the kill blind is skipped and acts last, even after the big blind. After the first round of betting, the betting action continues as normal.

Kill Poker Game Showdown

Kill pot hands are shown down as normal.