Pot Limit Poker Rules

Pot limit poker rules are initially hard to understand, they are reasonably relative to the no limit poker rules. After studying this pot limit poker rule guide you should be able to understand enough about the game to play fairly well.

Pot Limit Poker Blinds and Antes

The pot limit poker rule states that the blinds are the forced bets that must be placed in order to receive cards. These blinds are relative to those in the no limit poker rule guide. Unlike fixed limit, the numbers in the name of the game are the blinds. For example, $1/$2 pot limit has a small blind of $1 and a big blind of $2 where a $1/$2 fixed limit game has a small blind of $0.50 and a big blind of $1.

Antes are similar to any regular fixed limit game. Players are required to place a small forced bet in order to receive cards. This amount may be determined by the person who is putting on the game.

Pot Limit Poker Betting

The minimum size of the bet is based on the blinds. The minimum bet preflop and on the flop is equal to the size of the big blind. The minimum bet on the turn and river is twice the size of the big blind. Of course, you are not interested in the size of the minimum bets, you want to know what the maximum limit of the bets are in pot limit games. The answer is simple, you can bet up to the amount that is in the pot plus the amount that you would have to call with.

For example, lets say you are playing a $10/$20 pot limit omaha game. The small blind has $10 in the pot and the big blind has $20 in the pot. You want to raise the maximum that you possibly can so you want to know much you allowed to raise. To figure that out you have to do some elementary math. You are going to match the $20 as a call and raise the pot. If you take $20+$10 (blinds) +$20 (your matching call) you get $50. Add the $50 to your $20 call and you will find that you are allowed to raise a maximum of $50, making your total bet $70.

An easy method of doing this is to count the money that is in the pot, and add that amount to 3x of the last bet or raise that was made.