Royal Holdem Rules

The Royal Texas Holdem rule book (aka Royal Hold’em) is very similar to that of the Texas Holdem Poker rule book. There is only one fundamental difference and that is the amount of cards in the deck.

To make a Royal Texas Holdem game possible, all cards valued from two through nine must be completely removed from the deck. This is because the Royal Texas Holdem rule states that only card ten through ace are to be played with. Also, because there are only 5 cards of each suit, the only possible flush is a Royal Flush, which so happens to remain the best possible poker hand in the game.

After removal of the low valued cards, the game continues in the same way that any regular Texas Holdem game would be played. Rather than rewriting these fundamental Texas Holdem rules here, we recommend that you go to the Texas Holdem rule page on this site.