Seven Card Stud Rules

Seven card stud is nearly as popular as Texas Holdem, and is being played in casinos and online poker sites all over the world, including Las Vegas and Pokerstars. Seven card stud is a simple game to play and if you know the basic poker rules you will quickly adapt to seven card stud.

Seven card stud rules are different than Texas Holdem rules because in seven card stud there is no community and each player receives their own hole cards as well as face up cards.

Seven Card Stud Betting

Each player posts an fixed size ante, or a forced bet. This must be done in order for each player to receive hole cards. There are six betting rounds in seven card stud beginning with third street and going until the final hole card known as the river or seventh street. As in all poker games, the hand ends in a showdown of hands where the player with the best hand is awarded the pot.

Beginning a Seven Card Stud game

After each player has contributed their ante, they are dealt two hole cards and a face up card. In the first round, the player with the lowest value face up card begins the betting by making a forced bet. The action moves left and players have the choice to check, call, bet, or raise depending on the circumstances.

Subsequent Seven Card Stud Betting Rounds

After the first round, the player with the highest value of face up cards begins the round of betting. For example, a player makes a pair of twos on fifth street an the next best face up hand is ace high. The player with the pair of twos will begin the round of betting, with the action moving to the left.

Seven Card Stud Showdown

Once the final round of betting has occurred, the players show their cards. The winner is determined by the player who makes the best five card hand with their hole cards and face up cards. The pot is then awarded to the winner.