Online Poker Freerolls

Online Poker Freerolls are where most online poker players start their venture. These games are long, fun, and quite educational. If you get into a good freeroll, such as the ones at Party Poker, then you stand to compete against some of the best competition you will find in a freeroll. Many online poker rooms offer great online poker freerolls and give away lots of money in them.

These free poker tournaments typically range from 100 players to 2500 players, but there have been tournaments with as many as 100,000 players. With prize pools that vary even more. Online poker rooms offer freerolls to keep the players happy and convert them to real money by giving them a chance to play with their winnings. Online poker freeroll promotions attract new players and get current players on the site to play on a regular basis.

When an online poker freeroll is scheduled, the online poker room experiences a higher level of players in both play money and real money. While waiting for a free tournament to begin players often play generating revenue in the real money games.

Some players ask why bother playing in a freeroll with 2500 entries and only a $75 first prize, I’ve got just one word for that… experience. Gaining experience in a large multi-table tournament is a valuable asset to any player that wishes to improve their online poker game. Not only are they improving their game, they are also being given a chance to win thousands of dollars for free.

Just about every online poker site offers online poker freerolls, you just have to look for them. Most sites offer their play money players free tournament offers in their direct email marketing campaign. When the players receive these emails, a portion of them respond by playing in the freeroll.

Online Poker Freeroll Strategy

A good freeroll strategy, that can also be used in a large multi-table tournament, is playing tight. With blinds raising slowly and reckless players on free tickets it is best to wait for a premium hand before getting involved. One is not playing to be chip leader, but just slowly accumulating chips. After players have been eliminated one can loosen up the game and get involved in more pots.

Tournament play is mainly based on position, so folding a hand in first position and playing the same hand for a raise on the button is common. What is important to remember is that often times players don’t bet based on hand strength, but rather their opponent’s weakness; having the ability to act last gives an online poker freeroll player a huge advantage over others.

Keep in mind when playing an online poker freeroll that it is free.

This point should console you when Aces lose to 2 7 off suit. Bad beats are frequent during freerolls, so remember to have fun, and absorb everything you can. The best way to learn how to play texas holdem is to lose. Losing shows the player the mistakes they made and helps them not make the same mistake again.

How Much do Online Poker Freerolls Cost?

Some freerolls are absolutely free, some cost player points, others just for new players, and still others for those that have played a certain number of hands. There are many different times of freerolls.

How do I Choose the Best Online Poker Freerolls?

With so many different online poker freerolls on so many different sites players must take into account which are worth playing, and which are not. Two major factors in deciding to where play a freeroll are the number of entrants and the total prize pool. For example, a tournament with 2500 entrants and only a $100 prize pool is not worth the time to play it. Another site could be holding a 2500 entrant online poker freeroll with a $1000 prize pool. It is clear that one should be playing the second tournament. It is also likely that your opposition will be fiercer, which in the long run is a good thing.

You must also keep in mind that some freerolls are not completely free and come with strings attached. Make sure to read the fine print before wasting four hours on a tournament that has unwanted strings attached.

With that said, the most important thing to remember about freerolls is to have fun. So good luck and go practice on future online poker freerolls.