Online Poker Tells

Just because a player is not sitting face to face with another does not mean that one is not giving off a poker tell. They are usually not as obvious as someone sitting back in his chair or shaky hands but to the trained eye, there are many online poker tells.

What is an online poker tell?

What is an online poker tell? Simply put is a tell is a hint or clue a player may give the table on to what he may have. In a live game a tell may be forcefully putting your chips into the pot in attempts to seem strong but in actuality have a very modest hand. Or sitting back in your seat to seem stronger, when you are just attempting to look much stronger than you are.

Using a poker tell to your advantage is almost as important as the cards you hold. When a player seems weak you can almost always bet that he or she is ahead of you in the hand. The opposite is also true, if he or she appears strong, they are most likely weaker.

Online poker tells also exist, but they are different in nature.

Pay close attention to other players

Watching closely is important to picking up tells, whether it be online or in a live game.

Online poker brings about different sorts of tells. Having the ability to choose a play before it is each players turn to act allows players to pick, click, or check what they plan on doing before it is on them. This is done partly to speed up the game but can also give away tells.

Why using auto buttons may be an online poker tell

The auto call. When a player auto calls pre-flop it is likely that he has a drawing or medium hand like J 10 or a suited connector. One is just trying to get to see a flop cheaply and hope to hit. What does that mean for you, the player? Use the knowledge of knowing that your opponent may be on a draw to bluff him out of the hand when face cards come or the possibility of a flush or straight disappears. Some players use the auto call even after the flop, so don’t be stubborn if a straight or flush possibility appears.

The time opponents take to act may be a poker tell

The slow check. After the flop a player that missed the flop often takes his time in checking to make it appear that he has a decision to make. This is even more likely when there has been a bet pre-flop. Don’t let him see a free card. Bet, if he calls, do not fear because you are now ahead in the hand. In more cases then not the aggressor usually takes down the pot.

The quick check. This can be a very confusing move. Many players quick check when they have completely missed the flop and simply want to check or fold and move on to the next hand. But be wary of the quick check. It has developed into a trap. Players who have made a premium hand often quick check in an attempt to seem weak and lure their opponents into betting. In an attempt to decipher the difference make a small bet. This will often weed out players who are uninterested in the hand. Use position and ones poker savvy to deal with any remaining players.

Collect data and take advantage of your opponents poker tells

Just by watching the table closely a player can learn important pieces of information. For example: a specific player does not check often, a different player may check frequently, and a third player gets involved with any two cards. This type of data is crucial when you are in a hand against these same players which can give you a key advantage over them. Be careful, every hand is different, so do not make decisions based solely on the past.

Use online poker tells to your advantage.