Texas Holdem Betting Stategy

Texas Holdem betting poker strategy is complex but there are simple facts that everyone should know that will vastly improve any poker players game. Though as simple it may seem, it is important to understand betting patterns to avoid bad beats or suck outs. A bet is your best friend when it comes to getting rid of loose players who are apt to call with any two hole cards and betting also reduces the chances at bad beats. Remember the following poker betting strategy tips and you will not only save money, but also make more money.

Keep the Size of Your Bets Consistent

If a player bets the same amount it is hard to tell if they are holding AA or A9. Making consistent bets will make it that much harder for opponents to read your hands. When other players do not have a clue what you have it is much more likely that they will not goof around in a pot with a tricky raise or bluff. Less bad calls means less bad beats.

Bet in Relation to the Blinds

As it comes to the size of a bet there are a few common pieces of advice. The average bet should be between 3 times and 6X the big blind, this depends on the style of each player (remember rule number one). I suggest 4X the big blind, this is to prevent the big blind from being stubborn. However, in online poker, many players love to see flops so the size of your bets at lower limits may have to be a bit inflated (6X and higher) to see proper results.

Never Simply Double the Big Blind

The error in this play that is so costly to a players chip stack is the stubborn nature of the other players at the table. Simply doubling the big blind will often not force a single player to fold, if no one folds all it does is further commit you to the pot. Bad hands are still just as likely to be in the hand and nothing has been gained.

Use Poker Betting Strategy to Decide When to Bet

When making a bet the most important thing to consider is position. A player betting in first position is more likely to be called simply by the numbers of hands left to act. The opposite is said for a player on the button, if many of the players have already folded a bet will weed out the remaining weak hands providing short-handed poker action.

Know When NOT to Bet

A player acting in middle position after a raise and a re-raise should realize that a moderate hand such as 66 is no longer call worthy. A few mac online poker players would take the odds assuming that the other players simply have hands similar to AK or KJ. A hand that could be bet if no one acting previously had bet turns into a hand that is an automatic fold. It becomes such an easy fold because if either of these players has a higher pocket pair your hand is a 4 to 1 underdog.

Bet Consistently

Consistent betting strategy makes the difference between a winning poker player and a losing poker player. Making the right fold once is easy, making it every time is almost impossible. The same goes with betting. A betting poker strategy will improve your game immensely in cash or tournament play. A foundation for play allows players to gain stability and with that branch off to more sophisticated play styles. I recommend trying out different standard bets to see which bet fits best with each players individual style.