Black Bear Casino

Minnesota PokerReview of the Black Bear Casino Poker Room

Black Bear has a small poker room in their North Minnesota casino. When you walk in the door you will see the Blackjack Alley on the left where just behind it lies the Black Bear poker room. Currently, Black Bear only has 4 tables and stakes only range from $2/$4 up to $3/$6 texas holdem and have a maximum of 9 players per table. Very seldomly you can find a game of Seven Card Stud being played at Black Bear.

You usually don’t see more than 2 tables going on at once and it typically takes 30-45 minutes to get seated at a table. Also, watch out for the players, they are typically regulars who know every other player’s plays. I had a hard time making a consistent profit at Black Bear, while I would typically double my money at Minnesota Casinos such as Grand Casino Hinckley or the Canterbury Card Club in Shakopee, MN.

MN PokerWeekday Hours
Sunday – Thursday
10am to 4am

Weekend Hours
24 Hours from
Friday 10am to Monday 4am

How to get into a game

Go to the player board at the left side of the poker room. Find out which games are available from the floor person and ask him to seat you in the game of your choice. He will either direct you to your seat or put you on the waiting list. Any questions you may have concerning the poker room can be answered by the floor person.

You can purchase chips from either the floor person (recommended) or a chip runner. If you plan on having the chip runner get your chips, wait until you are seated to request chips.

To enter a game you must have at least 5 times the big blind for that game. For example, in a $3/$6 holdem game you must bring at least $30 ($5x$6) in chips to the table. You are only allowed to place bets with as many chips as you have in front of you, cash does not play. You may ask questions to the floor person, but you cannot share the details of your hand with anybody else at the table.

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