Grand Casino Hinckley

Grand Casino Hinckley PokerGrand Casino Hinckley began by building a small 6 table poker room in 2004. Since then, they have expanded the size to be three times as large as before. You can find the poker room by walking through the casino toward the bar area and going even farther down the hall until you are just past the Hotel reservation desk.

To get into a game just approach the floor manager located underneath the liquid crystal display monitor and ask him what games are available. After receiving this information tell him which game you wish to play and he will direct you to a table or put you on a waiting list.

If you are worried about the compeition at Grand Casino Hinckley, MN then you should know that there are a few regulars and even more new poker players. Any tight aggressive player can make a long term profit by playing poker at Hinckley, as long as they play the right game.

To win the most money, I recommend playing in the $2/$4 game. Yes, I know, it’s a low stakes game, but the players can only be characterized by one word and that ishorrible. There are other more appealing stakes such as their famous $2-$10 and $5-$60 spread limit holdem games. You can also find Seven Card Stud and Omaha on rare occassions (Friday and Saturday nights sometimes).

Watch Out For Their Dealers!

If it’s service you are looking for, then look someplace else. I have had terrible encounters with the dealers at Grand Casino Hinckley, MN and never before have I been so dissatisfied with a live poker room. I would also like to comment on their unethical raking system. Unlike any other poker room, Grand Casino Hinckley will rake 10% starting at $5 pot where other poker rooms begin rake when the pot reaches $10. The dealers do this by breaking a dollar chip and giving players back a $0.50 coin. I’ve also encountered dealers that will rake even if no flop was dropped, which is not cool with me.

Learn more about Grand Casino Hinckley at their poker site.