Jackpot Junction

Jackpot Junction is a fair sized casino located in Morton, MN. They offer their poker players a private back room to play live poker at. You can get to this room by going through the casino and looking in the very back by the nickel slot machines. The poker room has a large neon lit sign that simple says “Poker Room” and also has two sound sealed glass doors.

To sign up and play go through the doors and look to the left. This is where the floor manager will be standing. Ask the floor manager what games are being played and tell him or her which game you would like to play in. The floor manager will either direct you to a table or put you on the waiting list.

Typical games are $2/$4 and $3/$6 Texas Holdem. Sometimes you can find a $2-$10 to $5-$30 spread Holdem or Seven Card Stud game going on, but only on certain days.

The competition is not tough at all. There are some regulars, and when they see new blood they act as intimidating as possible by betting and raising a lot. Don’t let them fool you or push you around, this can make a tough game. I took over $100 from the blackjack pit boss himself because I picked up on a common tell of his. He would almost always check the flop and stare away from the table when he had a very nice hand. So, I would always check my flush and straight draws and would only play into him if the pot odds were in my favor.

Learn more about the JackPot Junction poker room at their site.